PPC is a great tool for reaching your target audience at the right moment and when they are ready to convert. In addition to doing SEO to get to the “top”, a website owner can now buy advertising or pay to have an ad at the top of a search engine results list.


    Pay – Per – Click is one of the effective marketing models for direct traffic and sales through advertisements on the leading search engines and other relevant sites or directories. Still, paid search campaigns are not set it and forget it – you need to spend time in managing your ads for getting better ROI – that’s where you require Corporate Mages.

    Our careful and consistent monitoring and management team could provide you the desired result and Return on Investment.

    Media Spend
    Global Clients

    Dedicated Google Account Managers

    As a Premier Google Partner agency, we are backed by dedicated Google account managers who give us the latest updates, review all our search engine marketing accounts and provide real-time support. Other benefits include access to BETA testing, product training, and dynamic campaign data. All these perks allow us to provide superior PPC management services support to our clients.


    Google Ads

    From defining the right campaign objective, narrowing it down to the right audience, to in-depth keyword research and ad placing, we execute high-performance SEM campaigns.

    Facebook Ads

    We proceed by building the entire conversion funnel for a result-oriented Facebook marketing strategy where detailed targeting and getting the right reach remain our focus points.

    Bing Ads

    Our certified Google and Bing experts help businesses best utilize the Bing platform by creating well-optimized paid marketing campaigns.

    LinkedIn Ads

    94% of marketers employ LinkedIn to promote their business. We help businesses reach the decision-makers of the industry with our well-targeted and conversion-focused LinkedIn ad campaigns.

    Ads Remarketing

    Retarget your potential audience using relevant ads and fabulous ad copies – something which helps you build your brand with a personalized touch.

    Video Ad Marketing

    Video ads are booming the markets with an audience growing by millions each day. Target better and gain global recognition for your business through effective Video Ad Management.

    Instagram Ads

    Instagram has over 1 billion active users who tend to be younger than Facebook users.

    Twitter Ads

    Twitter offers several options to reach users through the platform used by 330 million active users each month.

    Pinterest Ads

    Pinterest has 200 million active monthly users who are researching trends, ideas, and products, and many of them are looking to purchase. The users skew the majority of women at 7%, with 40% earning $100,000 household income.


    Pay per click is one of the best ways to target customers online directly who are ready to make a purchase decision. Through online ads, display ads, video ads, and re-marketing ads, we can bring qualified leads to your website and see more conversions.

    So if you need a top-of-the-line strategy to build brand awareness and get your customer’s interest in your products or service or bring customers to sales points on your website, PPC advertising is a necessary part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

    Fast Result

    When you start spending after your PPC campaigns, the results show up to appear within a short period. That means that your products and services gain targeted visibility, footfalls, and ultimately sales.

    Brand Recognition

    As your PPC ads show up more frequently, more people will see (and later recognize) your brand. That’s great for building your company’s reputation online, even if people don’t click on your ads at first.

    Highly Targeted 

    One of the benefits of SEM campaigns is you get the option of targeting people based on geo-location, interests, search queries, buyer persona, and so on. This way, your business gets visitors who are genuinely interested in your services/products.

    Pay only when People Click

    The beauty of paid ads is that when you spare an ad budget, you only get charged when someone clicks on the link – when the user acts. Hence, your advertisements appear on search engines FREE OF COST. You enjoy a WIN-WIN, free exposure, and exclusively quality leads/conversion.

    Highly Optimized Ads

    When you have marketing strategies in place and a budget to spare, you can make your products reach the right people. One of the ways is using keyword match types including exact match, broad match, and so on.

    Measurable ROI

    PPC advertising gives you measurable ROI, which allows you to see exactly what you are getting out of the ads. you can measure impressions and the number of clicks you are getting, and compare this to your sales and revenue. Measuring the ROI couldn’t be simpler.


    We will do research and thorough study of your website, business, and competition to set a clear and top-notch strategy for your brand

    Choose the Best Platform

    We determine the optimal paid advertising platforms to help you increase brand visibility in search engines and deliver customers directly to your web page where your customers can take action.

    Run Test Campaign

    After preparing a strategy for your brand/business, we run a test campaign to see what kind of ads work best for your brand and target audience. through A/B testing, we do different visual, ad copying messaging, and placement to see what gets more click form your customer

    Monitoring Ad Performance

    While your paid ad campaign is running, we keep a close eye on your real-time results. this allows us to ensure whether your ads are achieving your paid marketing goals.

    Provide Monthly Reporting

    With monthly reporting, We show how your ads are performing well and we can make adjustments to target your online advertising goals better.

    Transparent Pay-Per-Click Management Pricing

    We believe that to form a strong relationship with our clients, we have to be transparent — and that includes pay-per-click management pricing. We want you to know right off the bat if our services are a good match for you based on PPC management cost, and we also want you to see the breakdown of what’s included with each plan. This also creates a springboard for conversation about the budget and what’s included in each of our plans.

    We Make Your Goals Our Goals

    We know that in some cases, the services that we provide can make or break a business, and we don’t take that lightly. To drive the best results possible for your business, we make your goals our goals, and we ensure that we do everything possible to ensure that your campaign goes above and beyond. When you’re happy, we’re happy.

    We Save You Valuable Time

    If you’re looking for one of the best pay-per-click companies that will completely manage your campaign for you, Corporate Mages can help. We won’t simply help you write ad copy and disappear, we’ll help you through every step of the PPC process. You’ll receive a dedicated campaign manager that will listen and hear your requests, put together a game plan, and keep you up to date with the success of your campaign.

    We’ll develop your campaign and your strategy, do advanced keyword research and selection, and even conduct an analysis of your industry to ensure that we’re targeting the right people. We’ll handle all the copywriting for your ad campaign, test the performance of the copy, and continuously develop and tweak the keywords that are a part of your campaign. When it comes to your PPC campaign, we have it under control.

    We Provide Transparent ROI Reporting

    We mentioned previously the importance of analyzing the results of your ads to ensure that you’re driving as many conversions and as much traffic as possible. Don’t worry — we’ll take care of that for you too.

    We provide analytics for your campaigns, A/B test landing pages, and ensure that your keywords are effective at driving results. We’ll let you know how your campaign is performing every step of the way and make educated suggestions on how to proceed.

    We Hand-Craft Each Campaign Just For You

    We know that every business is different, and that means every business has different needs. That means that every campaign is hand-crafted to include the elements that you’re most interested in. We offer a basic plan, an aggressive plan, and a market leader plan — which allows you to choose a PPC management price range and a strategy offering that fits your business the best.



    What is PPC and how it works?

    PPC, also known as pay-per-click, describes an online advertising strategy where advertisers only pay when someone clicks on an ad. PPC ads can display on websites, search engines, and social media networks. PPC is done in many ways including keyword analysis, optimizing your website, writing compelling ad copies, and tracking the campaigns regularly.

    Why is PPC important?

    PPC is important if you want to help your business blossom into a brand. It is a proven way to get some quick results and give a little push to your marketing efforts, increase online traffic, and brand visibility.

    What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

    One of the key differences between SEO and SEM is that SEO is an organic technique to increase the Search Engine rankings whereas PPC is a Paid Marketing technique where you carry out promotions using multiple marketing channels.

    How to choose the best Search Engine Marketing Agency?

    To choose the best Search Engine Marketing Agency, check their client testimonials, their case studies along with statistics, certifications, years of experience, and their clients.

    How can PPC Services improve my online presence?

    PPC Services can help you improve your online presence by social media services, doing keyword analysis, performing competitor analysis, target audiences, write killer ad copies, tracking and optimizing campaigns.

    How much do PPC management services cost?

    On average, small-to-midsized businesses will spend $9000 to $10,000 per month on PPC. At Corporate mages, our PPC management services start at $449 per month and go up to $1300 per month.

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