Content Marketing

Are you struggling to find time to create a content strategy? Our Content Marketing Services include website content creation, blogging, and other copywriting services that can improve your brand’s credibility and awareness while driving traffic to your website.
Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that focuses on building an audience by publishing, maintaining, and spreading frequent and consistent content that educates, entertains, or inspires to turn strangers into fans and fans into customers.

Because Google likes content Yep, Google gods are all about quality content. That’s why Content Marketing is one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing. With content, you can tell your brand story, demonstrate your expertise, engage with your customers, optimize your website for relevant keywords and promote your products and services. Whether it’s writing copy for web pages, creating blog posts, producing email newsletters, or crafting public relations stories, your content strategy needs to incorporate according to your audience and competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO copywriting, and brand marketing tactics. We are fully equipped to provide you content marketing services to drive more sales for your brand.

Build Trust with Your Visitors

Consumers read your content, and from it, gain an understanding of your business, your values as a company, your brand. As they read, they form opinions and will align with your brand if they like how you are presenting yourself.

The more content you create and share with your target audience, the clearer it becomes that you are an authority in your field. People trust experts and hire them to help solve problems.

“Companies that regularly update their blogs generate 55% more website visitors. Likewise, they receive 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages.”

Build Brand Awareness

Let’s be honest, most people don’t know about your business and it’s time to change that. If done correctly, you can use content marketing to significantly increase traffic to your site so you can get consistent, quality traffic and inbound links to your site, and expose them to a brand they never knew existed. You’ll be able to generate more awareness and leads for your business through your content and use it to demonstrate your skill and expertise again and again.

“6 out of 10 consumers are inspired to check out a product after reading useful and relevant content about it. “

Great for Organic Search

People, including buyers of your products and services, go online and use the power of Google and search engines to find solutions using keyword strings. The businesses that have mastered how to get to the top of search are the big winners in organic search. They’re bringing qualified traffic to their websites. So, one of the best ways that you can build organic traffic to your website is with great content.

“Content marketing generates more than three times as many leads as traditional advertising methods — and costs 62% less.”

Generates Leads for Your Business

We like to say “you can’t beat trust and awareness” and generating leads for your business is the reason any of us do any marketing at all. We need new leads to come to us and eventually buy what we are selling. Content marketing enables strangers to find you through your useful and informative content.

Content marketing helps your business to be found by the users who are searching for your particular products on the web. People refer to your website content before they decide to even buy your products or even avail of your services.

“Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods.”

Attract Ideal Buyers

Only people who are interested in your field of expertise are going to conduct a search that results in them reading your blog. Of these readers, only those who are genuinely intrigued by your brand are going to click through to your landing page. Of the readers who make it to your landing page, only those who were truly captivated by your content are going to fill out a form with their personal information in order to get their hands on more of it (think ebook, case study, checklist, video). You’ll have filtered out the lousy leads and your sales team will only be selling to those of the highest quality, meaning less time, energy, and money wasted. That’s the inbound marketing way.

The beauty of content marketing is that while you’ll be distributing proof of your expertise to the world, only people who are really interested in what you have to say are the ones viewing it.

Build Backlinks

Create expert content and other websites will want to link to yours in order to share what you have to say. Depending on the linking site, your audience may multiply by 2, 5, or even 100 times. The real benefit is that this backlinking is one of the criteria the search engines use to rank your site. If authority sites are linking to yours and more people are visiting your site through those links, your page authority increases. While search engine algorithms are beyond the scope of this post, we just so happen to have a great article about how search engines work if you’re feeling curious. One of the things you’ll learn from it is how important building backlinks is to solving a piece of the search engine puzzle.

Links are one of the top two criteria considered in Google’s page ranking algorithm.

Want to Grow Your Business
with Awesome Content


Whether you are a small or medium sized business or a big brand, we have worked with all.
Research Audience
We work with you to determine your target demographic, then we research everything from their basic interest to how they look, what they do, their interest, habits so we can know how to approach them on their level.
Competitive Analysis
We review your competitors in-depth so that we can create and implement content marketing that will help your brand get ahead.
Discover Keyword
We analyze your brand's keyword profile to find out opportunities for improvement, then build a list of search terms, phrases, and questions to target and add in your content.
Content Planning
After Analyzing your competitors, audience, and Keywords, we come up with a plan to create unique content for your brand. Then, our content team writes to catch your audience attention, provide them with engaging information and help them know your brand's value.
Promote Your Brand
Here we hit your online marketing goals, which are the endgame for content marketing. We work in conjunction with our other digital services to push your product or services to make your audience aware of your brand while driving customers to conversion.

If you are looking to try content marketing to grow your business revenue and increase your consumer base, get a free content marketing proposal from us.



Today’s consumers aren’t very amenable to in-your-face ads and pushy sales techniques. They have become more discerning and reluctant to trust a brand from Day 1. That’s why companies need to use content marketing to position themselves as credible and trustworthy. But this isn’t just our intuition, the numbers back it up too. Content marketing actually generates 3 times more leads than outbound marketing and at 63% lesser cost.


To put it very broadly, any valuable information, conveyed by any medium, can be considered as content. When it comes to content marketing, the word content has a variety of meanings — from infographics to videos to blogs and even your website copy. Here’s a list of just some of the content we provide:
  • Articles and listicles
  • Blogs and websites
  • SEO content
  • Content marketing
  • Website content
  • Ebooks and white papers
  • Social media content
  • Marketing content
  • Product descriptions
  • Infographics
  • Videos


Content marketing works on two levels. On the one hand, credible content that adds value to users helps to distinguish your brand as reliable and trustworthy. As prospective customers consume content created by you (whether on your own channels or on other channels), they begin to think of your brand highly. This means that they are likely to choose you when they have to make a purchase decision.

At the same time, when you put SEO-friendly content out there on a regular basis, search engines like Google and Bing start ranking your content higher on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). This means when a prospective customer has a related query, your content is likely to come up in the search results, directing the prospect towards your brand and website.


A major mistake many companies tend to make with content marketing is that they start executing first. A few blog posts here, an odd case study or two there — and then get frustrated when they don’t see results. The first step in effective content marketing is to understand your prospective customers and then build a comprehensive content marketing strategy around them.


There is no easy answer to this question. In general, long-form content is known to be better for building credibility and search engine rankings. Given customers’ dwindling attention spans, short-form content is often the better choice.

Whether you choose to go for short-form or long-form content depends entirely on the situation. If you sell high-end products or your audience is not very knowledgeable about your products or services, or your sales cycle is long and complex, long-form content is a good idea. It includes things like whitepapers, ebooks, how-to guides, long blog posts, tutorials, etc.

On the other hand, if your products are inexpensive and the audience is fairly familiar with the products you sell, and you only need to communicate precise information to them, short-form content is great.


While there is no easy answer to this, at Justwords we follow certain key principles to make sure we’re creating content that touches a chord with prospective customers. These include:

Talking, not writing: We write like we’re talking to our target audience. No complex wordplay or long-winded sentences. We write like we talk, and make sure we get through to prospective customers.

Understanding buyer persona: Our content creators are experts at understanding the target audience. This helps them customize their writing to actually add value to customers’ lives and address their pain points directly.


In content marketing, consistency is one of the biggest keys to success. This means that when you start off, you will have to consistently create new content for a while. With time, however, you can repurpose your old content by updating it and making it more relevant. This makes it easier to post content consistently without having to create it from scratch.


Keywords are what Google and other search engines use to rank content on the Search Engine Results Page. That’s why analyzing which keywords you want to optimize for and then using those keywords while creating content are a must. At the same time, these keywords need to become a part of the content organically. Forcing keywords into the content creates a bad impression for prospective customers and is also penalized by Google when deciding search engine rankings.